Presentation Details

Presentation Reminders [Orals and Posters]

Dear CVPR 2013 presenter,

Please find below all the information you need for your presentation day. Kindly follow the instructions to enable a smooth conference.

Oral and Spotlight sessions:
  • The first row of chairs in the conference room will have numbered seats for all speakers (orals and spotlights). Please take the correct seat before the session starts.
  • Oral presenters should be present at the podium (in the correct room) at least 15 minutes before the start of the session and should introduce themselves to the session chair as soon as they arrive. Please note the June 5th deadline for submitting your Release Form, details below.
  • Spotlight presenters must be in their respective seat before the end of the preceding oral session. Please note the June 5th deadline for submitting your spotlight slides, details below.
  • If you require any special assistance during your talk or to get to the podium, please let the session chair know of this before the session.
  • Oral speakers should test their own laptops with the projector before the session, to avoid any technical difficulties.
  • Oral talks are given 13 minutes plus 2 minutes for questions. You will be asked to leave the podium once your time is up, please make sure you do not exceed the given time limit.
  • Spotlight speakers will be ushered to the podium by a volunteer when their talk is due. You are given 10 seconds to take your place, and introduce yourself. After these 10 seconds the intro slide will flip to your content slide which will then be displayed for 50 seconds. All slides will run automatically, so please give your microphone to the next presenter and leave the podium once your slide is flipped. Note that you will not have access to the laptop (applies only to the spotlight presenters).
  • Recall that all "clickable" animations have been removed from the spotlight presentations. You will not have access to the laptop to advance the slides or go back. All "timed" presentations have been preserved and checked.
Poster sessions:
  • Each poster is assigned a specific board identified by paper number. Check with the volunteers or the registration desk if you cannot find your poster board.
  • Your poster will be displayed during the entire conference.
  • A color coding scheme will be used to identify which posters are to be shown in each session.

Oral Presentations

At the conference, each oral presenter will be given 13 minutes to present his/her work leaving 2 minutes for questions. Please prepare the content of your talk accordingly. You can check your session at: Make sure to introduce yourself to the session chair at least 10 minutes before the start of your session.

This year each oral presenter will have the chance to additionally present their work as a poster. During the poster session (on the same day of your talk) a poster board will be provided for you. This is optional but a good opportunity to expose the work further and get extra feedback from the CVPR attendees. The physical dimension of the poster board is 8 feet wide and 4 feet high. Note that this does not mean having the additional 60-second spotlight presentation. You can invite people to your poster at the end of your talk if you wish to use this opportunity.

Techtalks Recording Release Form
Oral sessions will be webcast and subsequently archived on In order to provide this service to the community we need at least one representative from each paper to sign a recording release form. You can download it here: RecordingReleaseFormCVPR.pdf.

DEADLINE: Please scan the signed release form and email it to Raj Kumar by Wednesday, June 5th at the latest. Please use "Recording Release Form - Paper ID XXXX" as the subject and attach the signed release form (as a PDF file). Please make sure that the file is readable before sending it. Orals for which we do not receive the signed release by June 5th will be webcast but not archived.

We will also need your presentation slides for video synchronization, however, these will be collected after the conference.

Poster/Spotlight Sessions

As you may already know, each poster this year will also have a spotlight presentation. Each spotlight presenter will give a very short (60 seconds max) "teaser" talk to advertise his/her poster. Approximately 30-40 spotlight presentations are scheduled after each oral session and will take place in the main halls where the conference orals are given. Note that the intention of the spotlights is to draw people's attention to the posters and are *not* meant to be mini-talks. Presentations will be scheduled on the same day as the associated posters. The preliminary program is available here: Preliminary Program.

We ask the authors of each poster to prepare a one slide summary presentation using the following template:


Please amend the template as follows:

1 - Title slide: Please replace the name, date, and time of your poster spotlight session (according to the program) from the list below:
  • Session 1A: Tuesday Morning, June 25th
  • Session 1B: Tuesday Morning, June 25th
  • Session 1C: Tuesday Afternoon, June 25th
  • Session 1D: Tuesday Afternoon, June 25th
  • Session 2A: Wednesday Morning, June 26th
  • Session 2B: Wednesday Morning, June 26th
  • Session 2C: Wednesday Afternoon, June 26th
  • Session 2D: Wednesday Afternoon, June 26th
  • Session 3A: Thursday Morning, June 27th
  • Session 3B: Thursday Morning, June 27th
  • Session 3C: Thursday Afternoon, June 27th
  • Session 3D: Thursday Afternoon, June 27th
Also, provide the title and authors of the paper and please underline the author giving the spotlight talk. This slide will display for only 10 seconds.

2 - The second slide should give a brief summary of the approach taken in the paper and/or the most interesting results obtained by the approach. Feel free to include pictures. However, do not include any videos or clickable animations in the slide. You will only have 50 seconds on this slide. Think of it as a commercial for your paper to motivate people to learn more (most commercials are only 30-60 seconds).

Please enter your poster ID into the top-left field of the slide. The poster ID is in the format P<SessionID>-<Poster #>. The poster # is found by referring to the online PDF of the pocket guide. For example, if you are the 4th poster in spotlight session 3B, your poster ID is P3B-04. Please do not change the font size or type.

3 - There is a strict limit of one spotlight slide per presentation (in addition to the title slide). If multiple spotlight slides are submitted, only the first one will be included in the program. There will also be a hard limit of 60 seconds per spotlight--with slides advancing automatically--so please prepare the content and presentation accordingly.

4 - Please name your PowerPoint presentation XXXX.ppt where XXXX is the four-digit CMT paper ID (zero-padded if necessary). For example, if your CMT paper ID is 24, the filename must be 0024.ppt. Submit the .ppt file containing the presentation through CMT at

The slides will be put together into a single file for each session, which necessitates a single format. Thus submit the presentation in the Powerpoint format (as the given template) and make sure it is compatible with Windows XP. Please test the presentation before submitting.

DEADLINE: Slides for the spotlight are due by Wednesday, June 5th (11:59 PM PST). This is a hard deadline, and we will not be accepting the presentations nor any changes or additions after the deadline (presentations not received by the deadline will not be included in the spotlight session).

Additional Details:
  • Presenters will NOT have access to the computer on which the presentations will run. All spotlights in the same session will be compiled into a single presentation, and slides will automatically advance.
  • The first (title) slide of each presentation will be shown for exactly 10 seconds during which the microphone will be handed over to the presenter and the presenter will introduce himself/herself, the authors and the title of the paper.
  • The second slide will be shown for exactly 50 seconds. This timing is strict and you are kindly asked to leave the podium for the next presenter after the 50 seconds are up.
  • Clickable animations are NOT accepted and will be removed if found during the process of compiling the session's presentation.
  • Timed animations can be used yet we do not advise you to do so, as the timing on your machine can differ slightly from the timing on the laptop used at the venue. Ensure that your talk is flexible and you are not surprised by such slight variations. There will be no chance to check or practice your presentation using the laptop beforehand.
Poster Details
The physical dimensions of the poster boards that will be available this year are 8 feet wide by 4 feet high. Please prepare your posters accordingly.

[NEW] Local Poster Printing Service
To receive a 25% discount for poster printing during the upcoming conference in Portland, OR all orders will need to be submitted through the Lloyd Center FedEx Office (1605 NE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97232). Orders will be turned around in 24 hours or less and can be delivered to the convention center upon request. To place your order follow the directions below.
  • Email the center at - Contact Phone Number - (503)-284-2129
  • Subject line in email - IEEE Portland Conference - 25% off
  • Include: First and Last Name and phone number
    Qty. requested
    Delivery or pick up
    due date and time
  • Attach file and email
  • With a 25% discount applied each 4ft x 8ft poster will be $174.00
  • All orders will be produced on a 46lb Heavy Coated Matte Paper Stock

Please direct any questions to:
Sanja Fidler and Eric Mortensen (email).