CVPR 2013 Awards

Details including the award selection committees can be found here.

CVPR13 Best Paper (sponsored by UTRC)

   Fast, Accurate Detection of 100,000 Object Classes on a Single Machine (CVF online access)
   Thomas Dean, Jay Yagnik, Mark Ruzon, Mark Segal, Jonathon Shlens, and Sudheendra Vijayanarasimhan

CVPR13 Best Paper Runner-Up (sponsored by IBM Research)

   Lost! Leveraging the Crowd for Probabilistic Visual Self-Localization (CVF online access)
   Marcus Brubaker, Andreas Geiger, and Raquel Urtasun

CVPR13 Best Student Paper (sponsored by Google)

   Discriminative Non-blind Deblurring (CVF online access)
   Uwe Schmidt, Carsten Rother, Sebastian Nowozin, Jeremy Jancsary, and Stefan Roth

2013 Longuet-Higgins Prize (sponsored by MERL)

   Object Class Recognition by Unsupervised Scale-Invariant Learning (IEEExplore)
   Rob Fergus, Pietro Perona, and Andrew Zisserman

2013 PAMI Young Researcher Award (sponsored by Elsevier's Image and Vision Computing Journal)

   Anat Levin (l) and Kristen Grauman (r) [2 awards given]